Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A new chapter on the horizon

I am sitting here in absolute amazement. I have just written and printed my final undergraduate paper. I turn it in tomorrow and take one really easy test on Thursday and then I'm a college grad. You have no idea how sentimental I am and how freaked out I get when my world changes. And this?? Will be a big change. I will be off school for an entire semester as my graduate program doesn't start until end of May early June. Also, I work as a student assistant in an office on campus and because I am graduating that means I'm leaving my job too.

I know that I bitch and moan about school and how stressed I am but I cannot fathom not being in school. It is what I do, all I've known. I have worked, but jobs have always been secondary to getting my education. What will I do with all the TIME??? How will it feel to read a book or watch t.v. and not be thinking, in the back of my mind, that I should be working on such and such that's due next week?

And work, don't even get me started on how sad I am to be leaving my perfect little office. I'm still in denial about this one. I have worked there for 3 and a half years, so basically all of my undergrad years, and I love it. It is private so I'm not constantly forced to interact with other students, the schedule is flexible, the work load is light and simple, and the people are amazing. Oh the people I work with...I wish I could bottle them up and take them with me. I cannot imagine not walking to my office and saying hello to Peg, and practicing portuguese with Janete, and listening to Phyllis curse and laugh, and talking to Kaye about her adorable grandson and what she did over the weekend. These people have been more than people that I work for and with, they have been my cheerleaders and have supported me in all the work I've done both academically and otherwise. They have taken a true interest in my life and have made going to work pleasurable. I am so very sad to be leaving my little nest. I just want things to stay the same, I am so scared of change. I cannot imagine finding a better work environment or people who care more about me. They are throwing me a celebration on Thursday and I promised myself I wouldn't cry until Friday (my last day), I doubt I'll be able to follow through. Today when I got to work there was an envelope with pictures of an outing that I went on with Peg and her grandson, so thoughtful. Little gifts have been trickling in and even better little words of encouragement and congratulations. They have confidence in me that I will succeed, more confidence in fact, then I think I have in myself.

So here's to starting new chapters, which quite frankly simultaneously terrifies and excites me.

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Monday, December 1, 2008

In case anyone was wondering...

From a message I posted to those who feel the need to question me about my long distance (only for another month :)! ) relationship with J.

I know so many of you don't understand and wonder why I don't just "move on" and "get over it" but to you I say I am happier, even when I'm missing him, then I have ever been before in my life. He is an amazing person so please don't judge me and just trust that I am well aware of what I am doing and feel free to live your life the way you see fit and I will do the same. I don't need anymore people trying to talk me out of loving someone, when did that ever work? Love is messy and tragic and wonderful and euphoric all at once and I wish for everyone to feel the kind of love that I feel when I see him smile.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

No red, no blue, just purple.

Yes this may be long, yes it may be rambling, yes this may be incoherent and yes it may be entirely possible that no one other than myself will ever read it but that's just fine with me!

I will start out by saying go check out this awesome website .

Did you do it??? Do it so you can share in my euphoria!!!!

Ok so I was browsing face book and somehow I stumbled upon the link to the above website and all I can say is WOW. I have renewed hope for human beings! It's about darn time that people joined together as one. I am so proud that finally my generation is standing up for something, and not just anything but for the right for everyone to co-exist peacefully regardless of politics. My generation (and a lot of Americans in general) is known for some pretty negative things; we have a ridiculous sense of entitlement, we have been at times apathetic and lazy but it's not entirely our fault. This is all still so new to us, there has never been a country like this awesome one and so we're still figuring it out. We might make mistakes, we might stumble and fall flat on our faces but you know what??? It doesn't matter because we have far more good qualities than bad and we will pick ourselves right back up, band together, and change the world. I am so proud to finally be feeling the sense that maybe I actually can make a difference and see a change, maybe my generation really is part of something great. It's terrible that things had to get so bad for us to finally stand up but I have faith in us, that we can and will make changes where they need to be made.

As you may or may not know, I am no optimist and I realize that there is a crazy amount of work to do but I just feel so privileged that the human beings of this country are starting to realize that it takes ALL of us to make a change. We ALL need to be heard as well as learn to listen to others, we all need to take responsibility for our mistakes and fix them. Basically, we're all in this together LET"S DO IT!!!!

And with that I'll put the pipe down and get back to the grind of real life :)

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


There are no words that I can say that will accurately express how I felt listening to Obama give his victory speech tonight. I got goosebumps. I am so relieved to have caught a glimpse of a brighter and more tolerant future.



Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Robbed I tell you!

For anyone who watches America's Got Talent I would just like to say Nuttin but Strings got effing ROBBED! They were so fun and original and damn it if they didn't come in third place to two singers. We're supposed to be finding a Vegas act how is singing original? Who wants to go to Vegas and pay to see some unknown person stand there and sing??? Thats what concerts are for, not Vegas shows. GAAAAHHH

Also I took the GRE and got above what I needed to for my graduate program of choice so yess!!!! And thank you if you thought of/prayed for me!

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hey at least it wasn't Yo Gabba Gabba

The air conditioning situation has yet to be resolved. I think it's gonna take a sexual favor to get maintenance here and I'm so hot and tired and sweaty that I actually find myself thinking "ehh why not? I'll just suck it up and take one for the team" (pun totally intended)

Also, on a scale of one to ten how pathetic would it be for a twenty-two year old with no children to get totally caught up in an episode of the Backyardigans to the point that when they have to leave for work in the middle they Tivo the ending?

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Havin a heat wave

I want to post but I have nothing to write about because the heat has sucked away all thoughts in my head other than "Dude, the air conditioning has been broken at work for THREE DAYS NOW!!! HELP! I'M STEWIN IN MY OWN JUICES!"

And now, with that lovely image firmly implanted in your mind's eye, I'll skip off into the sunset.

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